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Nutanix Xi IoT
Simple, scalable, secure edge intelligence for real-time analysis

Xi IoT

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Nutanix Xi IoT
Nutanix Xi IoT
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Xi IoT delivers AI-driven processing at the edge with a zero-touch software platform that powers real-time business insight and simplifies operations at planet scale. The Nutanix IoT platform delivers local computing, machine learning, and intelligence for your edge devices, enabling effortless efficiency and scale for your IoT operations.

Accelerate insights: analyze IoT data where it's created

XiIoT edge

Drive Edge Intelligence
Lower bandwidth needs and increase operational efficiency by processing data at the edge.

XiIoT deploy

Simplify and Secure Deployments
Rapidly develop and deploy IoT apps at scale via flexible APIs, reusable data pipelines, and a pluggable ML architecture.

XiIoT edge

Enjoy Freedom of Choice
Deliver IoT applications on your choice of hardware and seamlessly connect to any cloud.


  • Edge Computing Stack for real-time processing
  • Centralized, Planet-scale Ops and app management
  • Data Planeto converge edge and cloud

Leverage Key IoT Benefits

Xi IoT makes it easy to deploy and manage a planet-scale edge cloud.

  • Seamless IoT Deployment
  • Make edge infrastructure invisible via seamless functioning and operations among end users, IT operators and developers, and data scientists. Enjoy a single standard interface and role based access control.

  • Real-time Edge Computing
  • Compute sensor data streams locally, in real-time, with open dataflows and services, while allowing filtered and transformed data to flow securely to your choice of cloud with native services.

  • ML, Analytics, and More
  • Significantly reduce the time and specialized training required to develop next-gen IoT applications. The IoT platform delivers machine learning, analytics, data security, management, cloud services, and more.


Nutanix Xi IoT enables easy ingest and analysis of new and existing data streams that can transform your organization. Xi IoT lets you fully exploit the potential value of your data by freeing you to focus on business logic and applications, including real-time analysis for manufacturing facilities, oil and gas upstream and downstream locations, retail outlets, hospitals, and much more. The insights from your intelligent edge can deliver an array of benefits, including reduced downtime, increased patient or customer satisfaction, and new targeted products and services, all of which help you identify trends long before the competition, differentiate your brand, and maximize revenue.

Nutanix is committed to helping companies modernize their datacenters and edge infrastructure so that IT can shift its focus from maintenance and operations to driving innovation.


  • Process Large Data Volumes:
    Use machine learning to intelligently
  • Increase Reliability:
    Continuous operations even with unreliable low-bandwidth links
  • Reduce Latency:
    Fast response at the edge
  • Secure Connections:
    End-to-end security from the edge to the cloud
  • Freedom to Choose Your Cloud:
    Built-in cloud connectors with no manual API scripts
  • Freedom to Select Sensors and Devices:
    Connect any sensors or devices using multiple protocols, MQTT, or IP-based systems.


Operator support is built-in, which consolidates infrastructure sprawl and eliminates application silos. Operators can easily manage planet-scale operations with zero-touch onboarding.

Developers can bring their own cloud and machine learning models from any domain and access rich data and runtime services to execute AI at the edge. Developers can also leverage rich APIs and integrate with existing CI/CD pipelines for easy debugging.


The Nutanix Xi IoT platform delivers local compute and AI for IoT edge devices, converging the edge and cloud into one seamless data processing platform. The Xi IoT platform eliminates complexity, accelerates deployments, and elevates developers to focus on the business logic powering IoT applications and services. Now developers can use a low-code development platform to create application software via APIs instead of arduous programming methods.

Infrastructure and App Lifecycle Management for Massive Scale
Make edge infrastructure invisible by enabling frictionless functionality and deployment across all IoT stakeholders, including end users, IT operators, application developers, and data scientists.

Insights from Data at Low-code
Compute sensor data streams locally in real-time with open dataflows and services, while allowing filtered and transformed data to flow securely to your cloud of choice using native services. The edge PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) supports easy-to-use developer APIs, reusable data streams, and pluggable machine learning (ML) architecture to enable rapid development and global deployment of modern IoT applications. Xi IoT lets you build multiple frameworks into the runtime, enabling custom runtime environments, and bring in ML models from anywhere.

Convergence of Edge and Cloud
Easily move data from edge devices to a cloud of your choice, be it your own private cloud or Microsoft, Amazon, or Google public cloud infrastructure.

Xi IoT offers several advantages over traditional proxy gateway solutions, including:

  • Real-time data processing at the edge for real-time, actionable insights
  • No-code methods for migrating filtered insights to your preferred clouds
  • Easy configuration, setup, and management for thousands of edge locations from a centralized SaaS control plane

edge PaaS


Nutanix Xi IoT is comprised of a SaaS control plane and Xi Edge platform running on an edge device. The SaaS control plane provides an end-to-end platform that is centrally managed from the cloud through a user-friendly interface for application development and operations to easily deploy thousands of edge locations. Using Xi IoT, Nutanix customers can either deploy Xi Edge bare metal or as virtual machine (VM) on shared or dedicated nodes.The Xi Edge platform leverages Kubernetes, which allows you to consolidate traditional IoT applications as well as enable new-generation, data sciencebased applications in containers.

Simplified Edge Computing

The Xi Edge platform provides secure access to IoT data sources with data pipelines all the way from the edge to the cloud, including AWS, Azure, GCP, and managed/on-prem private clouds. It also provides seamless data mobility between edge and cloud, which lets users send metadata and build ML models in the cloud.

Deploy Edge Resources


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