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Nutanix Xi Leap Disaster Recovery (DR) Service
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Nutanix Xi Leap
Nutanix Xi Leap
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Xi Cloud ServicesOrganizations are constantly under increasing pressure to provide alwayson availability of applications and services. Meeting these expectations calls for an IT resilience strategy that protects against unexpected disruptions that can take services offline and disrupt business operations. Organizations must employ a DR strategy that does not merely protect data, but also provides fully automated failover and an ability to routinely test recovery plans.

However, many organizations remain daunted by the cost and complexity associated with operating a secondary datacenter for DR purposes. DR-tocloud solutions offer attractive economics, but adoption is often hindered by the complexity involved in migrating workloads between the datacenter and public clouds.

Xi DR Service offers a fully integrated DR-to-cloud solution that rapidly and intelligently protects the applications and data in your Nutanix environment without the need to purchase and maintain a separate infrastructure stack. By utilizing the same platform on-premises and in the recovery site, Xi DR fully eliminates the need for complex translation of constructs, policies and data models across environments.

Built-In Disaster RecoveryBuilt-In Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery is a native Nutanix service. You no longer have to rely on disparate cloud environments or configure multiple solutions to protect your virtual machines.

Instant OnboardingInstant Onboarding
Implement DR in minutes. Simply select a subscription plan that meets your business objectives. The intuitive onboarding process automatically tailors your recovery site and ports workload profiles to the Xi Cloud.

One-Click FailoverOne-Click Failover
Multi-step orchestration provides reliable execution of DR failover with low recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Non-Disruptive TestingNon-Disruptive Testing
Simulate the full recovery process on-demand, improving DR readiness and meeting regulatory compliance mandates.

End-to-End SecurityEnd-to-End Security
Xi Cloud protects business and customer information with strong data encryption, and ensures end-to-end privacy by encrypting all communication between your site and Xi Cloud.

Centralized DR ManagementCentralized DR Management
Manage all disaster recovery operations via Nutanix Prism, providing centralized DR management for all locations using Nutanix's consumer-grade management, so there is no learning curve.

Built-In Disaster Recovery

Xi DR is natively built-in to the Nutanix Platform, eliminating the need to painstakingly fuse multiple products to protect your environment. DR planning, set up and monitoring are managed within Prism, so there is no learning curve.

Instant Planning & Onboarding

Onboarding is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Xi Account creation - Use an existing MyNutanix ID to create a Xi account
  2. Replication policies - Setup rule-based, VM-centric protection policies and selectively protect specific workloads based on recovery point objectives (RPO) requirements
  3. Recovery plan - Create automated plans for recovery of workloads, controlling boot sequencing of virtual machines. Custom scripts can be included in recovery plans to automate any set of actions such as VM customization or firewall configuration

Native Extension Between Cloud Environments

As a native extension of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, Xi DR ports workload profiles, including VM, networking and security configuration to the recovery site, reducing setup time and streamlining failover processes

  • Extension of on-prem networks - Xi DR eliminates the complexity of setting up VPN tunnels and routing protocols in order to enable reachability between the on-prem and cloud networks. Xi DR discovers the on-prem network topology and allows customers to extend their network into the cloud in a few clicks.
  • IP address preservation - Xi DR eliminates the need for complex IP address mappings by fully preserving network topology and workload IP addresses during recovery in the Xi cloud.
  • Migration of security policies - Xi DR dynamically discovers network security policies that govern communication flows between applications in the primary environment and applies those policies during the recovery process.

Non-Disruptive Testing and Cleanup

Xi DR offers non-disruptive testing, enabling organizations to routinely examine their DR readiness and achieve regulatory compliance. Networkisolated testing environments are dynamically spun up upon user instruction to test the entire recovery process without impact to the primary environment. Test environments are automatically cleaned up upon test completion, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Automated Failover and Failback

Xi DR provides disaster recovery orchestration to achieve reliable execution of failover and failback processes. In addition, Xi DR enables partial failover of applications for server maintenance or during rack failures. Network connectivity and common management between environments are preserved, allowing customers to manage the source and target sites as a single environment.

End-to-End Security

Xi DR features a comprehensive security suite that provides full isolation and protection of customer workloads against attacks and theft. Security capabilities of Xi cloud services span across the following dimensions:

  • Data security - All customer data, at-rest and in-flight, is always encrypted using unique customer specific keys and strong crypto standards (AES-256).
  • Network security and isolation - Applications run in customer specific virtual networks that are fully isolated from other customers’ virtual networks. Customers can selectively grant public Internet access to specific workloads. Customers can also define micro-segmentation policies to inspect and control communication flows between applications.
  • Identity and access management - Xi DR supports Single Sign On (SSO) authentication by integrating with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Customers can enable two-factor authentication and granularly control user privileges for additional security.


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