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Nutanix Retail
Power omnichannel retail IT operations with management simplicity

Enhance your retail ecosystem with improved scalability and high availability

As retail ecosystems continue to extend far beyond brick-and-mortar stores to digital mediums like e-commerce and smartphone apps, retailers are rethinking IT strategies-and the role of retail IT has become more significant than ever.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform helps deliver digital transformation for retailers looking for high performance, while simultaneously keeping in mind cost consciousness and simplicity.

Focusing on ease of management while reaping maximum benefits, Nutanix provides a consumption growth-based business model with over 500% ROI over five years. Nutanix benefits for retailers extend to powering any workload such as Big Data, ROBO, RPA, and retail business critical applications from Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Manhattan Associates among others.

Grow As You GoGrow As You Go
Start small and scale linearly with individual nodes, without long-term purchases that become obsolete quickly.

One-click ManagementOne-click Management
Simplify datacenter operations management with a single-pane solution powered by advanced analytics.

Security and SpeedSecurity and Speed
Secure your critical business and customer data, and experience agility with 3X increased I/O performance.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Advantage

With Nutanix, healthcare organizations can achieve a standardized, repeatable, and cost-effective solution for EHR application VMs and PACS deployments with predictable performance and scalability.

Lower TCO by 60%Lower TCO by 60%
Decrease capital and operational expense with improved capacity and resource optimization.

Maintain Business ContinuityMaintain Business Continuity
Ensure availability of critical data with self-healing and enhanced recovery capabilities.

Streamline ROBO InfrastructureStreamline ROBO Infrastructure
Build a flatter architecture with a centralized web-scale solution and minimal costs.

Power Business-Critical ApplicationsPower Business-Critical Applications
Create a strong retail ecosystem capable of handling peak holiday and seasonal traffic.

Push the Limits of Big DataPush the Limits of Big Data
Eliminate the bottlenecks of three-tier infrastructure through virtualized big data.

Realize Faster Time-to-ValueRealize Faster Time-to-Value
Rollout retail initiatives faster by focusing on IT innovation rather than infrastructure management.