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Start Your Free Cloud Assessment Program and 60-Day Trial

Get Your Cloud Right With a Free Cloud Cost and Security Assessment & Extended Free Trial

Our cloud experts will deliver advanced cloud security and cost audits on your cloud using Xi Beam and give you deep visibility into your current cloud posture.

What is included in this program:


Simplify Multi-Cloud Optimization & Management

Beam is a multi-cloud optimization service delivered as part of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS. Beam provides organizations with deep visibility and rich analytics detailing cloud consumption patterns, along with one-click cost optimization across their cloud environments.

  • Cloud Cost Analytics & Optimization
  • Centralized Cloud Cost Governance
  • Intelligent Consumption Planning
  • Cloud Security Compliance

Cloud Confidence:

Nutanix Beam provides you deep visibility into your multi-cloud environment and ability to optimize cloud with one-click. Beam identifies underutilized and unused cloud services and provides convenient single click remediation suggestions, empowering cloud operators to realize cost savings immediately. With Beam, you can set policies that continuously maintain high levels of cloud cost efficiency.

Deep Cloud Cost Analytics With One-Click Optimization

Beam tracks cost consumption across all cloud resources at both aggregate and granular levels - per application workload, team and business unit. Beam identifies underutilized and unused cloud services and provides one-click remediation, empowering operators to realize cloud cost savings immediately and set policies to continuously maintain high levels of cloud efficiency.

One-Click FixOne-Click Fix
Eliminate unused resources right from Beam with One-Click to fix for cloud cost savings

Cost Efficiency TrackingCost Efficiency Tracking
Track optimization potential for unused and underutilized resources

Smart Dashboard InsightsSmart Dashboard Insights
Gain optimization insights using smart and configurable dashboards

Projected SpendProjected Spend
Get a clear view of projected spending patterns for adjustable multiple time intervals

Cost CommunicationCost Communication
Schedule and share cloud cost saving insights with team members to drive action and accountability

Granular Cost ReportsGranular Cost Reports
Deep analytical capability to provide granular visibility to cloud consumption across multiple clouds

Cloud Confidence Screenshot

Cloud Control:

Visualize and control consumption of cloud resources across departments and groups, and enforce policies based on allocated budgets. Beam provides cloud operators and business owners with appropriate tools and controls to track all cloud spend, map consumption to business units and enhance cloud optimization.

Deep Cloud Cost Insights For Better Cloud Control

As cloud environments grow, the need to centralize cloud cost governance control across multiple teams becomes critical. Cloud operators and business owners need a systematic way and appropriate tools to track entire cloud spend and map consumption to business units.

Beam visualizes resources by groups and departments, empowering cloud operators to manage their usage. Beam provides policy-based reporting and chargeback, so that teams can ensure consumption is within budget and aligns with business objectives.

Budget AlertsBudget Alerts
Define cost thresholds and set alerts to enforce policies based on allocated budgets

Cost-Center ChargebackCost-Center Chargeback
Use smart rules to map cloud spend to cost-centers and enable business chargebacks for managing and governing cloud cost

Intelligent Budget PlanningIntelligent Budget Planning
Utilize Beam's powerful predictive spend engine to automatically generate budget plans

Granular Cloud Cost GovernanceGranular Cloud Cost Governance
Setup budgets at an aggregate level or cost center level for granular tracking across teams

Smart Gap AnalysisSmart Gap Analysis
Track planned vs. actual spend based on comprehensive visualization and predictive models

Budget WorkflowsBudget Workflows
Empower financial admins to allocate and approve budgets assigned to cost-centers

Cloud Control Screenshot

Cloud Convenience:

Planning cloud consumption is a critical component of cloud optimization and improving Cloud ROI. But various consumption models across multiple clouds make effective decision-making challenging. Beam utilizes machine-intelligence to evaluate alternatives and provides recommendations based on your usage and growth patterns.

Make Right Cloud Purchase Decisions with Ease

Cloud providers offer multiple purchasing options that can yield significant savings when utilized effectively. However, navigating the complexity of multiple options across a number of clouds accounts using a variety of services for better cloud ROI can be challenging.

Beam makes this planning process easy using machine intelligence and recommendation algorithms that analyze workload patterns and continuously suggest optimal purchasing decisions.

What-if Analysis
Simplify purchase planning and instantly compare multiple options to drive significant savings and better cloud ROI

Confidence Score Based Planning
Build and plan your advanced purchasing decisions based on Beam's machine intelligence and your preferred confidence level

Cost Comparison GraphCost Comparison Graph
Compare your on-demand vs. reserved cost over specified periods of time

Recommended Purchase PlansRecommended Purchase Plans
Get purchase recommendations based on multiple parameters like average CPU usage and network I/O utilization

Existing Contract Terms TrackingExisting Contract Terms Tracking
Access rich features to list and filter all existing contracts and key attributes

Cloud Purchases ManagementCloud Purchases Management
Identify opportunities to ensure all prepaid consumption targets are fully utilized

Cloud Convenience Screenshot

Cloud Compliance:

Continuous cloud security and compliance for multi-cloud environment with one-click remediation for cloud vulnerabilities. Beam provides insights into cloud compliance and security vulnerabilities in real-time so that you can resolve potential threats before they turn into business challenges.

Advanced Cloud Security Health Checks With Intelligent Remediation

Beam automates cloud health checks so you can easily monitor and ensure security compliance. Gain insights into your multi-cloud environment based on over 250 health checks and security best practices. Beam enables continuous security management using built-in templates that certify and maintain industry standards such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, CIS, SOC-2, NiST and ISO.

Custom Cloud Security ChecksCustom Cloud Security Checks
Automate cloud security compliance for your business with custom security checks

Cloud Compliance ManagerCloud Compliance Manager
Centrally monitor multiple cloud compliance policies like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, CIS and others

CloudTrail Events ManagerCloudTrail Events Manager
Keep track of cloud configuration changes for compliance from AWS CloudTrail events

Real-time Risk CorrelationReal-time Risk Correlation
Real-time security and compliance vulnerabilities. Resolve security vulnerabilities with click-to-fix remediation

Cloud Security Health ScoreCloud Security Health Score
Gauge your cloud health with security score for compliance across all cloud accounts

Enterprise Disaster Recovery ComplianceEnterprise Disaster Recovery Compliance
Built-in DR compliance to identify business risks and build a resilient cloud DR process for data compliance

Cloud Compliance Screenshot


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Nutanix Products
Nutanix Xi Beam
Nutanix Xi Beam
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